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What We Offer
Adding Self Storage in your building increases income and value to your building and is a needed convenience for your Tenants.
We do it all for you. We analyze your needs, plan your layout, build the units and work with your staff to set up a management system to manage the unit rentals.  Our flexible building system allows us to build just the right number of units in the right sizes for your needs. No space is too big or too small. 

The sturdy, all steel Storage Units are easy to care for and require no regular maintenance.  All painted material is guaranteed to hold up against chipping, cracking, fading and peeling for up to 20 years.

We will gladly meet with you, discuss your needs, survey your property and prepare a unique Storage Solutions Analysis with no obligation.  Let us show you how to increase your revenue and the value of your property while offering a wanted and much needed service to your tenants.
The modular, corrugated steel construction of our Storage Units are custom made for each installation.  This gives us the flexibility to achieve any configuration to suite your needs.
Unlike wire mesh units, corrugated steel construction is maintenance free and offers sturdy, clean ,secure and private storage for your tenants.

The cost of these units, including installation is generally recouped within the first years rental, even allowing for discounted rents for tenants when compared to open market pricing of storage units